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    My wife and I bought a Z4 last summer, I love fast cars and my wife likes the compact sports car. Happy to be a member of this forum. It...
  • t-tony
    t-tony replied to the thread ZedShed(Midlands)..
    You’re dead right mate, fairly heavy item. My drive has only enough slope to run rain water to the gulley. I agree regarding the “Tee”...
  • colb
    colb replied to the thread ZedShed(Midlands)..
    Yes it looks a bit unstable, seems a bit overkill with all the height ranges on it. With your set of wheels you made up the trolly jack...
  • t-tony
    t-tony replied to the thread Incorrect instrument readings.
    The temp gauge is easy enough to do, set it on the bottom mark at cold. The fuel gauge is slightly more difficult. What I would do is...
  • t-tony
    t-tony replied to the thread ZedShed(Midlands)..
    Shirl's been bedroom furniture shopping today Roy, ..................... but don't get too excited.=)) Tony.
  • t-tony
    t-tony replied to the thread ZedShed(Midlands)..
    That don't look very stable Col.;) What did you use to allow air out of your drainer please? I'm thinking of using a 1" rubber tyre...
  • colb
    colb replied to the thread ZedShed(Midlands)..
    Another oil drain popped up on the Facebook Group
  • t-tony
    t-tony replied to the thread Short drive.
    Looking good !! Tony.
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    Open to all engine sizes except 118Bhp. Must be in excellent condition.
  • philiper
    philiper posted the thread Short drive in The Z Gallery.
    Took the car out for a drive today whilst doing the food shopping 🙂 Spotted the Phoenix yellow E85 passing that @Shelly spotted not...
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  • the Nefyn cat
    the Nefyn cat replied to the thread Fitting angel eyes.
    Don't forget, folks, German police carry guns.:eek:
  • IainP
    This is the fuel filter I’m converting to. No, it’s not too small, already running on my sons Tourings for a couple of years. They’ll...
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    Okay so only just getting round to doing this. If I do an instrument cluster test and the dials go all the way to the top do you think...
  • Zag2
    Zag2 replied to the thread Zag Z4 'Boyracer' rebuild.
    Car is back with the new suspension, wheel spacers and new alloys. Still not quite sure about the stance of the car (I think it could go...
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